Why women speakers are great for diverse meetings

Speakers are called in at different meetings to educate, inspire, motivate and generally excite the audience at the meeting. Research has shown that women speakers are great for diverse meetings. Here is the reason for the conclusion

Connection to the audience

Women are great at connecting with members at the meeting. This is not only he voice but also actions and dramatisations on the stage. This makes them easier to engage with the audience. Engagement is one of the most important attributes to delivering a memorable conversation with the audience. Women have a mother nature’s given motherly ability that really pulls the audience together.

female inspirational speakers

Ability to create relevant stories

Despite the fact that the audience comes for information, giving them facts all through the hour or so session is likely to put them off. Women are natural storytellers. They are able to convince one with the combination of voice pitch variations, facial expressions and actions as they speak. In fact, most women speakers are able to give relevant illustrations without so much effort. This makes them great speakers especially when it comes to tough topics and issues. Do you want to keep the audience from dozing off? Get a woman speaker between the educational sessions. You will be glad that you did it.

The physical appeal

This does not mean that men are not appealing. However, women tend to create a euphoria around them that makes them likeable among both men and women. The physical appeal is key to keeping the audience attentive and connected throughout the whole session. Women are also able to appeal to different age groups across the board. These could be the youth, the business class, or the old. The speakers are able to frame the message to fit each class.

They dramatise when playing victim

If you have ever listened to a woman speaker telling a real life story you would agree that women are great at reenacting an event such that it looks real in the minds of the listeners. The more a story looks real, the more it is able to influence many in their actions and create a long lasting impression to the meeting goers. Are you looking for a real life story keynote speaker? Give preference to a woman. Women are at par with men when it comes to providing information, educating and of course the motivating female speaker for the audience. The above points are added strengths that make them great speakers in diverse meetings.