Books are the best companion to travel with!

These days for book lovers, the most important thing to consider is carrying their favorite books with themselves. This age has in many ways have shifted towards E-Books and with that increasing; the “classic” is dying. Technology does make things really applicable and able at the same time, but many times the nostalgic element needs to be present.

In Short Publishing is one Portal that has given birth to many beautiful ideas and concepts through which one book lover can help himself/herself. A Concept of Pocket Books was introduced quite some years ago, but there were really less who were moving in a flow with it. That is when the bridge becomes longer than ever between the reader and his/her love for reading books. Inspired by the Chapbook format, In Short Publishing’s pocket books are custom-sized at 140*90 mm and approximately 32 pages, which is just the ideal size for most of the trousers or handbags or even pockets. The main attribute behind these Pocket books is is the size of it, i.e. small and is very light in weight. 2016-01-20 12-12-22

One can use it anytime, mostly for the ones who like to read wherever they get a chance. There are even some gift ideas for book lovers that are provided by the agency itself. If tomorrow you look to gift anything related to books, you can get in touch with In Short Publishers for some wonderful and creative ideas and suggestions. The main element that the pocket books carry is, they are easy to carry anywhere and can be read at any place, be it a bus stop, a food station or anywhere you are travelling. This concept does make it easier for every book lover and the ones who is looking to publish his/her work. This can be done by submitting the work directly.

It opens up the opportunity to the ports and short story writers who are looking for a medium for their work. At In Short Publishing a single short story is published in Pocket Books. With this service, a short story reader does get the delight of opening himself/herself to this amazing concept. The main intention of this agency is to promote the pocket books to a new wave of writers and readers. 2016-01-20 12-12-34

So if you’re looking for a medium through which you would want to publish your work, you can choose to submit your work in “In Short Publishing Co”, they’ve got the best short stories by In Short Publishing. What more? You even get gift ideas for book lovers. One can easily call in anytime to get certain and suitable gift ideas for book lovers based on his/her needs and wishes, because after all, it is all an art. 2016-01-20 12-12-45