Avoid Debt Collectors – By Finding A Good Accountant!

Whether you are working in a 9-to-5 job or you are running a business, at the end of the day, you are going to need an accountant. These people are vital when it comes to managing finances and ensuring that you get the best lifestyle out of your budget. However, what is the key aspects that you should be looking for when it comes to hiring an accountant? What makes a “great” accountant in the first place?

After speaking and hiring the experts at Capstone Collections, the best leading debt collectors in Ballarat, we have four of the key things that define accountants and what you should be looking for when it is time to hire one – so you don’t have debt collectors chasing after you!


To become an accountant, you have to have an array of certifications and licenses. You can’t just start counting people’s money without having the backing of major authorities and on top of that, university degrees. Make sure that the accountant has the recommendations and certifications to prove themselves is a valuable asset. Make note of it when you see one. It can go a long way to determining if they are worth it or not.

Record With Other Clients 

What makes you go visit an accountant in the first place? You need their services. But what draws you in? Their record with other clients. If an accountant can save your friend or family thousands of dollars a year, surely they can help you too, can’t they? How your accountant works with other clients is going have a massive impact on the decision making of any future customer they have. Their record is how they get their people to remain loyal to them.

Type Of Accounting Services

There is no point going to an accountant that is an expert in small businesses if your company is a large company. The same applies if you work 9-to-5; you don’t need an accountant that is going to handle businesses. Finding the right accountant means finding the accountant that offers the right services. You need specialists in your field in what you want and how they approach your finances is going to make the difference come tax time because if you find yourself chasing funds, you will be tracked by the best small business debt collectors.

Personality & Approach 

Handling someone’s easy is not something that people take lightly. You need to be strong-willed, focused and dedicated. Most importantly, you have to be loyal. Out of all the points about what makes a great accountant, having the personality to handle money, speak to clients and seek the best solutions is what makes customers stay with them.